Gooten Review 2020:
Pros, Cons & How it Compares

This is an in-depth review of Gooten, a print on demand fulfilment company.

In this review, I’ll talk about:

  • What Gooten is and how it works
  • Gooten Ease of Use
  • Gooten Products and Pricing
  • E-commerce platforms you can use with Gooten
  • Gooten Production & Shipping details
  • Gooten Support and Policies
  • Where Gooten stands in comparison to Printful and Printify


Let’s dive in.

Gooten Overview

Gooten is a print on demand fulfilment company that helps you sell all sorts of custom products, such as T-shirts and mugs, in your own online store.

If you team up with Gooten, you are responsible for designing products and managing your own branded online store. Once you make a sale, Gooten will print, pack and ship goods to your customer.

Although Gooten is not as well-known as Printful and Printify, there are several reasons why Gooten is worth your consideration:

  • Unique products. Gooten’s catalog is full of unseen products, and I love them all. If you want to surprise your customers with awesome products, this is where you can find them.
  • Good prices. As you’ll see in the Pricing section of this Gooten review, Gooten’s production prices are very competitive, sometimes even better than Printify’s.
gooten homepage

However, there are also some problems with Gooten.

  • Ease of use. Compared to Printful’s and Printify’s simple and straight-forward interfaces, Gooten is quite slow and hardly intuitive.
  • You can’t choose your printing facilities. Gooten connects you to a variety of printing facilities, but you can’t actually choose them. This might lead to very inconsistent print quality.
  • Only works with Shopify, WooCommerce and Etsy. If you’re using any other e-commerce platform, for example, Wix, Gooten won’t provide an integration for it.

To help you better understand Gooten’s services, in this Gooten review I will analyse ease of usepricingproduct variety, integrations, production, shipping, support, payments, alternatives.

Check out the summary below to discover important info about Gooten’s performance.

Overall, Gooten’s rating is slightly lower than Printify’s (4.5) and Printful’s (4.4). Read on to have a more detailed look at this print on demand company.

gooten logo
Overall rating: 4.2
  • Unique product selection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Confusing interface
  • Slower production
Product costs

$9.90 Bella+Canvas printed T-shirt

Fulfilment time

3-7 days

Fulfilment locations

US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia. Production partners chosen automatically via dynamic order routing.

Product variety

140+ products, tons of unique items

Branding options

Neck labels only


Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy

Is Gooten Easy to Use?

Quick Answer: Gooten’s website lacks the simplicity that Printify’s and Printful’s websites have. The site is fully functional but it takes time until you get used to it. 

Using Gooten is not exactly easy. It takes a while to get used to it.

Confusing, cluttered, complex are the words that come to mind. Layout, visual design and the entire site’s architecture made me wonder if I actually want to proceed with my test orders.

gooten UX

Gooten requires you to invest time in figuring out its interface instead of providing clear, instinctive solutions.

Why does the site logo link to Orders tab instead of Home?

Why does hovering over a product in the Catalog turn it into 2 buttons with different destinations?

gooten catalog

All in all, if you compare the amount of time you would spend on creating a product or connecting a store, Gooten definitely takes more time than its competitors.

Gooten Review: Products

Quick Answer: Product variety is why I love Gooten. In Gooten Catalog, you’ll find tons of unique items, like camo shirts, acrylic trays and black mugs.

Product choice

The selection of products on Gooten is outstanding.

If you are looking for unique products for your store, this is the place where you will find them.

Apart from standard POD products, like tees and hoodies, there’s also an amazing list of home decor items, as well as baby and pet products. Acrylic trays, glass cutting boards, lunch bags, baby beanies, bibs and headbands, umbrellas, bandanas, neck ties… These are just some of the products that Gooten lets you print on.

What’s more important? These awesome products are only available on Gooten. Both Printify and Printful are far behind in terms of product variety.

gooten products

For example, if you want to sell black mugs, Gooten is your only option.

gooten black mug

Camouflage T-shirts are also something you will only find on Gooten.

gooten camouflage t-shirt

Personally, the variety and sheer quantity of products is what makes Gooten really stand out, compared to its competitors.

Branding options

Gooten lets you create a custom neck label template that you can then use on apparel products that are eligible for this feature.

Custom neck labels cost additional $2 per product.

gooten neck labels


Gooten’s mockups are not the strongest, but you can get a very basic product picture on a color background of your choice.

Gooten allows you to choose the size of the mockup image, enter the color code of the background, and download the image if you want to.

Mockups on models are unfortunately unavailable.

gooten mockup


There are no special discounts for sample orders, so you can order as many samples as you like for the regular product price, plus shipping.

Here’s how you can create a new product with Gooten and order a sample of it:

gooten logo

Ready to design unique products?

Sign up with Gooten, visit Catalog and start designing your first product.

Gooten Review: Pricing

Quick Answer: Gooten’s price of goods is considerably lower than Printful’s and about the same as Printify’s.

Gooten’s product prices are great, at times even better than Printify’s.

Let’s compare Gooten’s, Printify’s, Printful’s pricing of some popular products side by side. Here are the products I used in the comparison table below:

  • Bella+Canvas 3001 unisex jersey short sleeve tee
  • Gildan 18500 Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt
  • 11oz Mug
Product Gooten Printify* Printful









Mug 11oz



Wow! If I was planning a POD business in the all-over-print shirt niche, I’d strongly consider partnering up with Gooten.

My only concern is how reliable its production is.

There are 40 production locations and 16560 unique product SKUs. How is it even possible to manage such an immense variety of products and not mix them up? How often do mistakes occur?

I’ve only done sample orders with Gooten and so far there haven’t been any print or quality issues. I wonder, though, how often Gooten’s merchants get complaints about print mistakes, wrong products and sizes.

*Printify print providers used in the comparison: Bella+Canvas shirt (Awkward Styles), AOP shirt (MWW), Gildan hoodie (SwiftPOD), mug (SPOKE).

Gooten Review: Production & Shipping

Quick Answer: Gooten has a huge network of print providers around the world. It relies of Dynamic Order Routing that sends orders automatically to printing facilities that are closest to your customers.

Gooten Printing Facilities

Gooten works with 35 different printing companies in 40 production locations. There are printing facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Australia, and all of them together are called The Gooten Network.

To give you a quick comparison, Printify connects you to 20+ printing companies and Printful has 5 of its own factories in 4 countries, plus 3 partner facilities in Japan and Australia.

gooten network

Making sense of which products are produced where is a little tricky, because all the information is stored in this Google doc.

However, since all orders are assigned to their production facilities automatically, you don’t really have to worry about your printing locations. Gooten’s business model relies on Dynamic Order Routing, which sends orders to printing facilities that are closest to the end customer. That way, Gooten can provide you with the most efficient printing and shipping solutions.

Choosing your print provider

If you are using Gooten, you cannot choose your print provider. You have to rely completely on its logistics technology to determine the best print and shipping provider for each individual order.  

Here’s what Gooten states on its website:

“The Gooten Network lets us route orders dynamically, through the most efficient path based on what an order is, what it needs, and where it’s going. And when a manufacturer fails to meet our standards, we automatically move your orders to someone who does, and if things don’t improve, we simply remove them from the network altogether.”

Order fulfilment time is one of the primary concerns for every POD business owner. Such statements make me worry how reliable this automatic routing and re-routing is and how long my customers will have to wait.

Personally, I really like to be in charge of which printing company fulfils my orders and what quality I can expect. That is why Printify and Printful seem more reliable in this sense.

Production time

Production time varies from product to product, which is obvious when you have 40 different printing locations.

Normally, production takes 3-5 business days.

Due to COVID-19, Gooten faced severe production delays, just like the whole print on demand industry. Check Gooten COVID-19 Updates to find out up-to-date information about production estimates.

Non-stock products

Gooten is the first POD company I’ve seen to offer both In-stock and Non-stock products.

This means that you can order a product even if Gooten’s manufacturers don’t have it in their stocks.

Non-stock product production time takes additional 3 business days, making a total of 7-8 business days.

Shipping time

Gooten currently offers standard, expedited and overnight shipping for the majority of the products shipped to the US and standard for most international orders.

US shipping:

  • Standard: 5-12 business days
  • Expedited: 3-5 business days 
  • Overnight: up to 2 business days (typically 1 business day)

International shipping takes up to 21 business days.

Depending on the production facility, various shipping carriers are used:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • Royal Mail
  • DHL 
  • DPD
  • India Mail

Shipping costs

Gooten has a very convenient shipping fee calculator that helps you determine exact shipping fees, based on delivery location and product SKUs. Note that you first have to create a Gooten account to access this tool.

gooten shipping calculator

Gooten Review: Integrations

Quick Answer: Gooten works with Shopify, Etsy and WooCommerce.

Gooten only works with Shopify, Etsy and WooCommerce.

Gooten API is also available if you have the technical skills to build custom solutions.

Compared to Printful and Printify, Gooten is definitely weaker in terms of integrations. If your store is created using popular platforms like Wix, BigCommerce, SquareSpace or PrestaShop, unfortunately, you won’t be able to connect with Gooten.

Gooten Support, Policies, Payments

Quick Answer: Customer Support only works via e-mail. Policies are pretty much the same as with other POD companies.


You can reach out to Customer Support via e-mail or a contact form. It’s not clearly stated if Support works 24/7. I’d assume it doesn’t, since I waited for a reply for over a day.

There’s a decent Knowledge Base, providing answers to the most common questions.

gooten support center

Returns Policy

Production mistakes

If you customer receives a faulty, damaged or misprinted product, Gooten will reprint it at no cost.

There’s a contact form that you can fill in within 2 months of initial order. Gooten team will evaluate your pictures of the faulty product and issue a reprint.

Cancellations, size or color changes

Just like the rest of POD companies, Gooten doesn’t accept returns and exchanges due to the highly personalised nature of print on demand business. This is an industry standard, so I recommend stating this very clearly in your returns policy.


You can connect a credit card or a Paypal account to pay for production with Gooten.

Your account will be charged on per order basis and the currency will be USD. 

Is Gooten good for beginners?

Quick Answer: Gooten is better suited for experienced POD store owners.

If I was just starting out my first print on demand business, Gooten wouldn’t be my top choice.

Yes, the selection of products and the pricing are good. But so are Printify’s, which also provides 24/7 support and actually lets you choose your printing partners and get more consistent results.

However, Gooten is definitely a great company to consider if you already own a POD store and want to add some special products, like black mugs or camo T-shirts.

Gooten Alternatives

Quick Answer: Gooten’s main competitors are Printify and Printful.Printify’s prices are similar, but it’s easier to use and works with a bigger variety of eCommerce platforms. Printful is more expensive, but tends to be more reliable in terms of quality.

Gooten vs. Printify

Printify is the first alternative that comes to mind, because its business model is quite similar to Gooten’s.

Printify also acts as an intermediary between you and printing facilities, it’s a tech company that doesn’t print the goods itself.

Here are some key differences between Gooten and Printify:

  • Product variety. Gooten offers most of the products from Printify’s catalog, plus many more.
  • Choice of printing partners. With Printify, you can choose which printing facility you want to work with. If one has shown bad results, you can switch to another one to avoid quality issues. With Gooten, you never know who is fulfilling your order.
  • Integrations. In addition to Shopify, WooCommerce and Etsy (Gooten’s only integrations), Printify also connects you to Wix, eBay, BigCommerce and PrestaShop.
Overall rating: 4.5
  • Low production costs
  • Fast fulfilment
  • Inconsistent print quality
  • Limited branding options
Product costs

$6.76 Bella+Canvas printed T-shirt

Fulfilment time

2-7 days

Fulfilment locations

US, Canada, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Australia. You can choose print provider by location.

Product variety

250+ products

Branding options

Neck labels only


Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Etsy, eBay, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, API

In terms of pricing, Gooten and Printify are quite similar. With Gooten you’ll pay $9.90 for a Bella+Canvas 3001 tee (Printify $6.76Printful $13.31).

However, Printify can be even cheaper if you choose Printify Premium. For a fixed price of $29 per month, you can get up to 20% discount on every single product you produce with Printify.

Additional information

Gooten vs. Printful

If Gooten openly states that it prefers to work with established businesses and crosses out newbies from its priorities, Printful is the exact opposite.

Printful is the perfect print on demand company for beginners.

Printful helps you figure out print on demand business from the very beginning. It runs helpful online seminars, an incredibly useful blog with marketing strategies and success stories. It’s known for having the fastest and most helpful customer support.

In addition, Printful also stands out with superb quality and crisp, saturated prints, because all of the printing is done in-house instead of outsourcing it.

It does come at a price. Printful’s product costs are much higher than Gooten’s and Printify’s. So it’s up to you if you want to spend extra for the service and the quality.

Overall rating: 4.4
  • Consistent print quality
  • Variety of branding options
  • Fast fulfilment
  • Price of goods
Product costs

$13.31 Bella+Canvas printed T-shirt

Fulfilment time

2-7 days

Fulfilment locations

US, Mexico, Latvia, Spain, Australia, Japan

Product variety

220+ products

Branding options

Neck labels, custom packing slips, branded pack-ins


Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Ecwid, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Weebly, Bigcartel, Magento, Gumroad, Shipstation, 3dcart, Launchcart, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Wish, Storenvy, Bonanza

Additional information

Gooten Review: Is it right for you?

Gooten is the best choice for you if:

  • you are an experienced print on demand entrepreneur and already own an established POD brand
  • you are looking for new and eye-catching products to add to your catalog

What's next?

I really hope you enjoyed this Gooten review and found useful information for your business.

If you feel like Gooten is right for you, go on and create a free Gooten account.

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